Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Ho-hum....another boring week. Nothing really worth running down to Target for IMO.

Just as well..the wife says I need to get over my "Target obsession".

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ugh...it's ugly this week...nothing new to report, and looks like the same old stuff we have been looking at for several weeks.

A couple of recent disturbing developments/rumors:
-First, the discussion boards have gotten really busy over the last few weeks...which means more folks are reading them, which means more folks are rushing out to Target to snatch stuff up
-Second, rumor is that Target has come up with a new way to dispose of excess...basically selling it off into the "grey market" rather than doing drastic in-store reductions. I haven't seen direct evidence of this yet, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Are we seeing an end to a "golden age"?

Target Treasure hunt list on 5/25/03 [\b]
1. george foreman grill with bonus waffle maker {scanned price 0.00}
2. PS2 remote control 4.xx (75% off) was 2x.xx
3. Hello Kitty I-zone cameras - reg 23.99 now $2.48!!
4. Furio Tray table set - reg 29.99 now $7.48
5. Springtime Winnie the pooh - reg 9.99
6. Phillips speakers stands --25.xx, reg. 49.99
7. Prince of Qin (PC game) for $4.98
8. Black and Decker 12v firestorm batteries -- $8.48, reg.$29.99
9. B&D 18V firestorm battery -- 9.xx, reg. 34.99

Treasure hunt list on 5/26/03
10. 2-pack USB Bluetooth adapters - $24.98
11. phillips speaker stands - $12.48
12. Gamecube controllers (official Nintendo) - $4.98
13. Philips progressive scan DVD player {model Q35} - $49.98
14. 4-pack mini playground balls - $1.10
15. Many Nokia faceplates - $2.24 to $3.48
16. Sony Minidisc player / recorder - $59.98 {brad could u provide me with the model of the minidisc player}
17. Phillips SBC-HP820 Full-size headphones - $5.98, Reg.- $39.99 (scanned as $0, LTR gave 85% off price)
18. King of Shaves Shaving oil - $1.24, Reg. -$4.99 (75% off) (this stuff is great, no more nicks or cuts)
19.Sony SLV-D100 DVD/VCR - $62.48, Reg. $249.99 (75% off
20. Samsung Progressive Scan DVD -- $44.07, reg. $179.99
21. RCA DRC350Ns dvd player --$69.98 upc code # 490080605248

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Went by Target at lunch...pretty grim...

Nothing new of note....Victorinox knife at 75% off to $7.48 (just why did they think I needed a digital alarm in a knife?), a real bonepile in electronics (beware: a lot of the stuff I saw there looked like it had been opened and boxed back up). Nothing new and compelling.

I did see a hoarde of Venus razor blades for ~35% off to ~$6 for a 6 pack..maybe when the go to 75% off I will buy several years worth (the wife likes them). Also saw a lot of the Oral brushes, but have to check to see if they are compatible with the 3D's that got clearanced out a month or so back.

Also saw a lot of "Pro Select" golf sets, but they are pretty cheesy so I didn't bother to check them out too closely.

Lots of discounts in clothing...but IMO Target clothing has gone downhill in the last few years.

Here's hoping for a better week next week!

If you are really hard up, you can see if you can find anything from last week still lingering...

Bissell 7920 Power Steam - $62.48
Bissell 19xx Power Steam - $47.00
Emerson White 700w Microwave - $9.98
Disney Bobble Heads (Pooh, Tigger, & The Muppets Miss Piggy) - $1.98 each
Mach3 Turbo Razor with Aftershave - $3.92
Crest Spinbrush - $2.27
Rival 16qt Roaster Oven - $19.98

George Foreman "Colors" Grill plus Belgian waffle maker - reg 49.99 now $12.48
Emerson Microwave - Stainless Steel - reg 89.99 now $22.48
Blues Clues 2 pc towel set - reg 11.99 now $2.98
Corning ware 10-pc fondue set - reg 17.99 now $4.48
Easter Micropets - 90% off
Memorex 60 min digital recorder - reg 39.99 now $9.98

Martex Indulgence towels $1.78
Martex Indulgence wash cloths .98
15 ct pkg Brawny paper towels $4.50
blankets & throws $ 5.00
Milton Bradley 1000 piece puzzles .25
New York Style bagels chips $1.12 with 50 cent coupon on pkg
Rival 16 Qt roaster oven with bonus banquet tray $19.98 ( they tell me it's going to $10.00 this week )
Scooby Doo beach towel $ 1.26

Select Deals from Friday Posts ...

Emerson 1.0 cf Stainless Steel Microwave reg 89.99 now $22.48 B&D 14.4 Drill Driver w/ 60-pc bonus kit - reg 49.99 now $12.48

Martex Indulgence Beige bath towel $ 1.98 ( reg $ 7.99)
Hamilton Beach blender model #56409 $9.98 ( reg $39.99)
Crystal lite star light model #48854 $1.98 ( reg $7.99)
Hoover Steam Vac $48.98
White photo cube/cd shelf $ 3.74 ( reg $14.99 )
Area rug $6.24 ( reg $24.99)
Toastmaster rice cooker $ 4.98 ( not sure reg price )

Big Red and Juicy Fruit 5-stick packs for $0.12

Emerson microwave $9.99 brand new in box
Memorex MT1197 19" television $64.98 brand new in box
5 x bonus packs of SURE... 94 cents each
bonus pack 'original solid' contains [ 2.7oz anti-perspirant(deodorant) & 3.2oz trial size safeguard bar ]
bonus pack 'clear dry' contains [ 2.7oz anti-perspirant(deodorant) & 3.2oz trial size safeguard bar ]
3 x special value pack of SUAVE...92 cents each
special pack 'powder' contains [ 2 x 1.6oz invisible solid anti-perspirant(deodorant) ]

Just scored the floor model Dirt Devil Platinum Force at 30% off of $39.98!

Royal planner for $2.50
32 MB Compact flash for the camera $14.98
panasonic faxes for $4.xx
Set of 3 plastic wrapped target brand aluminum/teflon coated fry pans at $8.50
Audio hub GE brand $1.74 marked down from $6.99

2-pc towel sets for kids (Blue's, Scooby, Rescue Heroes) reg 11.99 now $2.98 (Big sign on endcap says $11.98)
Waverly Garden Bathrug - reg 17.99 now $4.48

Philips 724 that was still in the box $58.98

Dirt Devil Platinum Force Vacuum Cleaner - reg 159.99 now $39.98

Microwaves $9.99 White & Red Color UPC CODE 025806092318
Logitech, Marble Mouse PIC $7.48 Optical PS/2 & USB Part Number 904360-0403

Select Deals from Thursday Posts ...

Virgin Mobile, Kyocera Super Model 2255 $24.99

Rubbermaid 3 drawer cart for $7.48
Zenith ZNC100 noise cancelling headphones for $19.98

GE brand 5-in-1 memory card reader (USB 1.1) for $7.48 regular price $29.xx

Honeywell Model 5101 Air Purifier UPC 9027150101 14.98

Crest spin-brush... a ton of them. normally 4, 1.97
4-1 B&D megamouse at copaigue, ny store, $14.xx

Olympus D550's 114.xx (that's w/tax, took extra % off display/open box at 2 locations)
Memorex 24" True Flat TV w/Universal Remote $135
HP PSC 750 scanned 37.xx


Maxwell House coffee Fr. Roast 11oz can 2.29>>1.14
MH coffee 5.3oz box of pouches ~3.59>>1.78??
some unknown brand of ground bagged premium coffee (yellow and orange bags) ~11oz 7.49>>3.74??
Small night-stand and travel alarm clocks (mostly Timex - analog and LCD) near the picture frames: 30% off

2 Hamilton Beach Blenders - 18 Speed. Model 56409 Reg. $39.99, scanned $9.98
Umbrella strollers at 10 bucks. These are normally 25 everywhere
Nikon Coolpix 2500 $139

Select Deals from Wednesday Posts ...

More men's shirts, lots of them at $2.48 but some still at $3.24.
Targus CTM300 (orig price $39.99, now $9.98)
B&D 3in1 12v tool(Drill, Sander & Jig Saw) regular $80 - paid $20.
Acoustic research s video/audio cables $6.xx orig $24.xx
Optical cables again 75% off, for home theater systems...

Wilson 15 pack golf balls: $3.74

Select Deals from Tuesday Posts ...

Bissel steam cleamer pro tech...$63
B&D decker 3 piece combo....$19
Clorox swiffer pads...$1.50 each box
Rio 64MB mp3 player... $60

Axius Elite Cargo Roof bag - reg 39.99 now $7.48
Calphalon hard anodized 5 qt saute pan - reg 59.99 now $9.98
saw another bluetooth kit for $24.98

Sony DAV-C450 surround upc 9057110450 was 399.99 now 199.99
Panasoic Fax Machine upc 3798880942 was 89.99 now 23.xx
Nikon Coolpix 2500 upc 1820825502 was 279.99 now 139.99

logitech - Cordless mouse; color select < $8 UPC 097855014764
older photograph roxio - easy CD creator: platinum 5 $25

AR a/v cables were only 50% off at $12.xx (svid+a)...

Lexmark X75m PrinTrio for $32.54. (orig. $129.99)

Olympus D-380 for $90.00

Misc. cell phone headsets and cases half off or more
Sony LIV50 (something like that) 3 piece stereo for $49.98 (down from $129.99)
Panasonic 5 CD changer ministereo for $84.xx (half off, I think)
misc. portable cd players for half off or more
open box Sony boom boxes for half off (these were beat with no accessories)
Mike Graves cordless phones for half off or more
FRS 2 mile and 5 mile radios for half off or more

Memorex voice recorder (voice activated). Was $40 now $10.

Scooby Doo quilts were $60 now $15
Spring throw blankets were $20 now $5.00
Barbie quilts were $60 now $15
Bob The Builder quilts were $60 now $20
Spring towels (with the bunnies on it, etc) 75% off
Many more 75% mark-downs in domestics.

Memorex 5-sheet auto-shredder with basket (1/4" strip cut) for $7.48

Philips/Magnavox MiniWired B&W indoor/outdoor video security-type cameras that hook right in to your TV 49.99>>12.48

Clie SL-10 $32.xx
Fellowes Protectors $3.xx
PDA case $2.xx
Rechargable AAA batteries $1.xx
Charger $4.xx....

Sony LIV Personal BookShelf Stereo CMT-EP50LIV Was $149.00 Now $50.00

Secret Anti-Perspirant Bonus Pack $0.94 Cents
One - 2.6 oz Anti-Perspirant
One - 100g Oil of Olay (white wind scent) Soap Bar

Promotion Dates: Purchase made Feb. 15, 2003 <--> Jul. 6, 2003

Jensen wireless headphones for $12.xx

Olympus D-550 scan at $75

Sony Dreamsystem dav-c450. 5 disc dvd changer, 500 watt surround sound! Originally 399.99 scans 199.99

Starcraft PC game 2.18
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PC in stock already! (49.99)
TDK DVD-R/+R media 5pks@12.99, 20pks@44.99
Lots of "as seen on TV" stuff at about 1/2 of TV prices

Garden place umbrella covers $2.48
Viletta umbrella $17.48

Select Deals from Monday Posts ...

USB 2.0 USB extension cable $4.99

Madcatz XBox Controllers - $5.48
Winnie the Pooh Bobble Heads - $1.98
Fujifilm 2600 2.0MP Digicam - $99.98

Olympus D-550 3.0MP Digicam 149.xx

Olympus D-380 $89.98
Imix CD Label Application Kit. reg. $11.99 now $2.98

duracell and rayovac 8 packs of AA and AAA batteries for each under $1
ps1 controller for $5
Phillips flat screen 27" for $208-display model.

Sony shower radio for $24
2.4 gigyhertz phone with caller id for $23
Frames for $1
Mossimo shirts at 75% off for $3
Sony mp3 jukebox $45

IPOD 10gb for windows - $199
Norelco 8890XL razor shaver - $9.99

Bluetooth USB networking kit (does not require to be in line of vision) was $100 now $25 (080000200)
Sony Sports boombox ZSX3CP (the funky orange and grey one) was $130 now $32.48 (057070006)

Hoover F5807 SteamVac for $48.xx

Panasonic KX-FPC165 Fax Machines reg 139.99 for 34.98

GE 10ft IEEE 1284 printer cable @ $1.87
GE 10ft PS/2 Mouse or keyboard cable extension @ $1.79
GE 10ft VGA/SVGA monitor cable extender @ $1.79
Samsung DVD Player that takes memory stick/DVD/VCD/MP3/JPEG Discs w/ two remotes @ $59.99

This stuff is currently at 50% off
Kids II Giggle-N-Go $17.48 (UPC: 074451066151)
Kids II Peek-A-Boo Puppy $4.88
other Kids II soft creatures, etc...
Mommy-N-Me Mirror Set $5.58
It looks like ALL Mommy-N-Me are on clearance

Fellowes Body Glove universal Palm pilot case - $3.98
Fellowes Body Glove universal Pocket PC (toshiba, compaq, hp, etc.) case - $8.98

Meade Starquest Telescope,with additional Microscope Model 60AZ-DM skew# 056050060 $29.98 (orig $99)

HP Scanner 3500C ($24.xx)
Phillips External 24x12x40 CDRW-JackRabbit ($32.xx)
Logitech Z-340 speakers ($12.xx)
Targus Laptop Bag ($12.xx)
Bakeware Muffin Pan ($1.94)
Scotts Lawn Fertilizer ($6.xx)
64 MB Fuji Compact Card $15. (I picked off the last 2)
B&D Mega Mouse $15 (I got the last one)
Sony Clie SJ-10 $33

Miss SPider Step Stools - reg 12.99 now $3.24(for a co-worker)
8-pc calphalon hard-anodized set -reg 149.99 now $22.78??
Rival electric fondue - reg 34.99 now $6.74
Calphalon Bistroware 8" skillet - reg 19.99 now $4.98
Calphalon Bistroware 10" skillet - reg 24.99 now $6.24
etrex Garmin Venture - scanned 0.00......LRT read $84.98

Lexmark Printers (Z23 or 24 maybe) $25
Phillips Speaker Stands $25
Assorted DVD players...
35mm Cameras on sale
Garmin GPS

sony s2 sports ZS-X3CP cd/mp3 player boombox for $64.98 (reg $129.99)

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Just got back from Mexico...looks like it was a good week to be gone!

From the looks of the discussion groups, nothing new or of note at Target this week...not surprising since a lot of departments just got through with a big re-fresh.

I actually haven't gone by Target this week, but might sneek by tonight after work...I have low expectations....

That makes a couple of slow weeks in a row...

Friday, May 16, 2003

Sloooowwww week....

Nothing major of note, just more of the same as has been listed, somethings have gotten cheaper, but generally stable.

I have seen somethings pop back up that had been sold out previously...so they must be going through the store rooms and rolling that last of it out (for example...my Target had a couple of the logitech 540 speaker systems pop up yesterday and these things had been gone for over a week...$20!)

Again, I am predicting the electronics stuff will be cleared out en masse today...it happened a few months back in sporting goods...stuff lingered for a few weeks, then bam! all gone!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Not much happening at all this week....few straggling deals from last week, if they are still around, are cheaper.

I've seen....

-still some Sony CD players...most 1/2 off or better
-Good selection of DVD players still...most at least 1/2 off, so a good time to buy!
-Olympus D550...$150...ok digital cam
-Rio 64MB mp3 player... $60
-Scooby Doo quilts were $60 now $15
-Spring throw blankets were $20 now $5.00
-Barbie quilts were $60 now $15
-Bob The Builder quilts were $60 now $20
-Spring towels (with the bunnies on it, etc) 75% off
-Game Dr...takes scratches out of CD/DVD's...1/2 to $15
-Sony personal CD Stereo...good for the office...1/2 price to $99
-Lots of disply TV's...avoid these in my opinion
-Lots of cheesy cordless phones (Vtechs) at least 1/2 off
-Still some Motorola personal walkie talkie things...although they are generally the 2 mile range (Disney models) and it looks like the shift is to the new 5 mile range ones...1/2 price (some 5 mile Cobra's are 1/2 off)
-B&D tools are pretty much wiped out...some of the batteries for the tools are lingering at 1/2 off
-Miscellaneous vacuums and carpet cleaners...but they are pretty much wiped out too. Pick up the Bissell 7920 for $62 if you can find it!

Overall, it didn't look like anything "new" really has gone on clearance...the electronics department is in the final stages of the makeover, so I don't really expect anything big coming out of there for several months (although I still think there will be a housecleaning soon on video games!).

If you are going to hit the electronics and pick over the bonepile, I suggest you do it before Friday because I am guessing on that day it will all go to Salvage.

Basically, just read my posts from the last few weeks and if you are lucky some of the items are still around.

Friday, May 09, 2003

Hit a few targets at lunch today...general observations...

-Inventory must be coming up...seeing things crop up that were sold out earlier

-B&D 12 volt combo packs (drill, saw, sander) $20 down from $80
-B&D 14.4 V saw $20 down from $80
-Bissel Steam cleaner...$62 down from ~$250! It works great!
-Compact flash memory on clearance...but too small (32 and 64) and not all that cheap
-GMRS Cobra Radios 5 mile range $22 from $45
-Memorex Digital voice recorder $10 down from $40
-208 CD case $20 down from $40
-lots of DVD players (I recommend the Phillips 724)
-lots of CD players
-Playstation 2 controllers (third party) $2 down from about $12

Predictions for the coming weeks:
-Video games are due for a major house cleaning
-Bikes are getting due again
-Camping stuff...tents, bags